Recovery Housing

Recovery housing residents must commit to a minimum of six months in our structured recovery support program and compassionate care ministry. We encourage participants to stay twelve-months. 

Welcome Home Ministries employs three key “self-directed initiatives” to aid recovery efforts: complete abstention from alcohol and drug use, self-sustaining work, and progress through all six program levels in the structured recovery housing community. 

The six program levels entail multiple steps toward graduation. Participants must secure a sponsor, engage in audio/visual enrichment, attend required meetings per week (based on program level), adhere to a curfew, contribute one weekly community service hour, secure employment, and fulfill rent obligations.

  • Welcome Home Ministries is a faith-based alcohol and drug recovery support ministry that fosters healing, spiritual wholeness, reconciliation, and self-sustainability.
  • Our recovery support program is structured. However, it is administered with much compassion and care in a 24/7 congregate living recovery housing environment and recovery housing community.
  • While we emphasize the “12-steps” principles as part of our recovery support program, Biblical teachings are the foundation for our ministry.
  • A very important aspect of our recovery support program is living in community with other people in recovery. Most individuals would benefit from treatment/detox before admission. The minimum standard is a clean drug test and 80 hour alcohol test.
  • We provide a safe, clean, supportive, and affordable housing environment. Every resident has a bed, food, clothing, laundry appliances, cable, Internet services, and free membership to the YMCA. We also provide transportation for residents to job interviews, healthcare-related appointments, AA and NA meetings, required meetings with parole officers, and other general transportation needs.
  • Residents must complete all 6 levels to qualify for graduate housing.  Graduate housing offers less structure, while maintaining accountability from other residents and staff.
  • Upon graduation, residents receive a 35% refund on all on-time rent up to $1,000.

Our mission

To enter into worlds of brokenness in order that all might experience wholeness in Jesus Christ.