Graduate Recovery Housing

Graduate recovery housing is designed to provide a supportive recovery housing community for individuals committed to maintaining sobriety after completing all 6 levels of our program. Eligible residents enjoy independent living within a community of accountability alongside other recovery program graduates. The program currently offers 14 rooms for program graduates, allowing individuals to stay as long as needed. This approach has been effective in fostering long-term sobriety.

  • Some units are single occupancy, while others are shared with one other in recovery. Each resident in shared units has his own locked bedroom with shared common areas.
  • Monthly meetings of residents are held to discuss any concerns and offer residents an opportunity to meet for support.
  • Graduates enjoy independent living in a community of accountability with other recovery support program graduates.
  • All graduate recovery housing residents must abstain from alcohol and drug use, demonstrate self- sustainability, and pay monthly rent.
Welcome Home Ministries graduate housing.

Our mission

To enter into worlds of brokenness in order that all might experience wholeness in Jesus Christ.